It’s been quite the year.

I’m ecstatic that my short play Black Dog was produced as ‘Time To Talk Day’ back in February. It was my last visit to the theatre before Covid-19 changed everything, which included my writing practice.

My writing desk and room which is my sanctuary went from being my space of creation to being where I do my day-job. And sharing that space has been the biggest challenge this year. Switching off from job to writing in the same area is and continues to be difficult.

I’ve taken gentle steps to assist. Ensuring I put away my day-job laptop, notebooks and post-its daily. But it’s the same outside view that I look at through stressed out eyes to then try and view the same scenery with quiet vision.

If anyone has any tips on how to be creative in a space that is tainted with non-creative work then let me know.

As 2020 comes to a thankful close. I normally take time to reflect on accomplishments and set goals for next year.

One goal for 2021 – to keep as healthy both physically and mentally as possible. Anything else that happens in 2021 is a bonus.

Happy New Year everyone.

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